12 superior fall nail concepts to attempt


Looking for fresh fall nail ideas? You will love this nail art compilation! From classic fall nails to abstract fall manicures to incredible freehand and simple stamp designs, there is a manicure for every taste and skill. A big bonus, most of these nail ideas are very easy to do. As long as you have a detailed nail art brush, floral nail stickers and a selection of classic fall nail colors in your supply.

Scroll down to see 12 awesome fall nail ideas and make sure to pin your favorites so you can remember the design!

12 fall nail ideas to try:

1. Complicated falling nails by @ lieve91

How one: To hand-paint this stunning fall nail art, Anja used the 01 Warrior Nail Art Brush. Add rose gold strip ribbon and rhinestones for the finishing touch.

beautiful autumn nails

2. Autumn manicure calligraphy from @so_nailicious

How to: P.aint all nails in beige color, then add khaki strokes with 04 Slayer Brush and apply gold flake foil. Add black Gothic Letter stickers and finish with a matte top coat.

Fall nail art

3. Easy fall nails from @miasolx

How one: Paint all the nails different fall nail colors, then use the 01 Warrior Brush to paint floral patterns. Alternatively, you can stamp on the floral designs (if your stamping skills are on point;)

easily fall nails

4. Khaki case nails from @nailsrnd

How one: On accent nails, add some khaki strokes with the 04 Slayer brush, then apply gold flake foil and paint the palm leaves with a finely detailed nail art brush. Alternatively, you can use 050 Edgy Tropics stickers for simple palm leaf patterns.

Khaki fall nails

5. Floral Fall Nail Designs by @ lieve91

How one: To create this stunning fall nail design, Anja used the 01 Warrior brush to paint detailed floral ornaments. Add small metal pins to embellish your design.

Floral fall nail design

6. Minimalist fall nail design by @so_nailicious

How one: Paint all the nails white first, wait for it to dry, then use straight stencils or an 02 needle brush to create geometric shapes. Add small metal pins to each shape. Complete your design with a matte top coat.

How one:Use gold flake foil and 01 Warrior Detail Brush to paint intricate floral designs to recreate the look.

Flowers fall nail ideas

How one: First paint all of the nails a taupe color, wait for it to dry and add rose gold and black Classic Stripe stickers. Finish with a matt top coat.

nude and black striped nails 9. Abstract hangnails from @nailsrnd

How one: Use black Classic Stripe stickers and a fine detail brush to recreate the fall abstract nail design, creating tiny ragged spots. Use the same detail brush or water decals for fall leaves.

Stamping autumn nails

10. Autumn Florals nail designs by @ polishpixie92

How one: Paint all of the nails white then apply gold transfer foil, add 061 Monochrome Ink Floral stickers, and secure your design with a glossy top.

beautiful fall nail design

How one: To do this Givenchy-inspired fall manicure, I used the 02 needle brush to paint colorful geometric shapes and then use the same brush to add golden outlines.

Geometric hang nails

12. Minimalist fall nail design by @ xin.nail

How one: To recreate this chic fall nail design, use the 02 needle brush to paint fine floral and abstract patterns.

minimalistic fall nail design

There you have it, 12 fabulous fall nail ideas! I especially like the Autumn Florals nail design with gold foil, Anja’s amazing freehand fall leaves (number 1), and the very last minimalist fall nail design – each one is unique and perfect for the fall season.

Now to you!

Which nail art idea for autumn from the above compilation is your favorite?

– Maria, xx


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