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A few of you got a glimpse of this change thanks to Instagram stories Right after the holidays, but here’s a quick update on the new love seat we got and what the living room looks like these days.

We have the loveseat on Overstock and of course it’s out of stock now – but I found it Here and Here in the darker color (ours is the “light gray”). So far we love it and it really went a long way in making the entire area feel like a legitimate hangout. It’s also super convenient for what really matters (and you know this post is going to have some John & Sherry for scale pictures).

Stool / love seat / rug / chairs / art by part Duncan / gold frame / coffee table / lamp / side table

We mentioned about a month ago in our post the development of our living room area that we’d like to have bigger seating, like a love seat for the wall below. You may remember this graphic from this post.

Old photo of the seating area with upholstered bench and Photoshop markings of things to add

The gigantic aha moment happened a week or two after the possession our new coffee tableThat was: the dresser on the front wall next to the door (seen above right) which was our non-negotiable piece we need here became much less necessary when we got a coffee table that is FULL of storage (two deep drawers open each side!).

All of a sudden, all of the things we kept in that dresser by the door could live there (you know, like dog poop bags, sunglasses, a spare key, mask, earbuds, burger’s leash, and other things that we pack on the way out Door).

Open drawer of the wooden coffee table with shoes and basket with keys

It was such a FREE REALIZATION! Because it meant that the love seat we longed for could actually find a better place on the front wall under the window – which it did! But let’s just look at these pretty brass fittings The coffee table that changed everything for another second:

Closed drawer of the wooden coffee table with brass accent on top

Carpet / coffee table

You can also see that we got a small brass floor lamp this looks very similar to our rendering of this post last month. At first we pulled a heavier / bigger wood out of the bedroom (which you saw in our IG Stories a few weeks ago when we shared the loveseat update) but the new light just fits better in the room without feeling so heavy to feel. It’s not a huge area, but having so much soft and cozy seating feels pretty amazing for this little place by the front door There used to be only two floating chairs.

Walkway room in front of gray love seat in the seating area below

Stool / carpet / chairs / love seat / art by part Duncan / gold frame / coffee table / lamp / side table

Reminder: It is normal for rooms to take a while to develop. So don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get everything right the first time. Creating a home that works extra hard for your family will take much longer than these 30 minute HGTV remodels. We almost never get exactly the right things – and sometimes it takes us years to get there! But every development of a space brings you closer to the best possible solution for your family – one that looks different for everyone – and will likely evolve over time as your needs change anyway. Really, I can’t stress this enough – just take your time, play with new arrangements, borrow items from other rooms, and have fun embracing the journey. Our last house lasted over 5 years – just like our first!

Here’s a wider view of the entire side of the room. Every time we photograph this it looks like various things are blocking the front door, but it’s just the angle.

Seating area next to the glass door

Stool / carpet / chairs / love seat / art by Part Duncan / gold frame / coffee table / lamp / side table / plant basket

Here is a video walking tour that lets you see me walk around the room like the graceful phone videographer that I am. If you watch me record this window / door wall you can see how things are in front of the door and how they shift as I walk across the room (the sofa seems to be sliding too). Smaller rooms definitely have their challenges with photography. Thank god for the video!

Note: You can also view this video here on YouTube.

I had a few people on IG ask if that area between the chairs and the love seat on the left feels tight to us …

Seating area with a wooden coffee table, two checkered stools, two armchairs and a gray love seat

Stool / carpet / chairs / love seat / art by part Duncan / gold frame / coffee table / lamp / side table

I think it looks a little tighter on videos than it does in real life because it’s actually about 25 inches wide. It’s not exactly a huge opening, but it’s wider than the door to our bedroom closet in our last house, and we’ve lived with that for almost 7 years!

Tape measure with space between pieces of furniture in the seating area

If it were too tight for us, we would just remove that small side table right of the sofa and move the love seat some more, but it wasn’t a problem. I even go backwards in the video;)

Side view of the seating area next to the front door

Stool / carpet / chairs / love seat / art by part Duncan / gold frame / coffee table / lamp / side table

Where we keep other items running out the door, the linen closet right next to our front door comes into play.

Seating area next to the glass door

Plant basket / stool / rug / chairs / love seat / art by part Duncan / gold frame / coffee table / lamp / side table

This is what it looked like when we finished Building storage racks and a large counter for that earlier this summer:

Open plan laundry room cupboard with wooden shelves

Now that it’s gotten colder, we’re using the hooks on the right for jackets that we often grab on the way out, and we’ve also added a couple of other items to the wooden counter just behind it that used to be in our dresser at the front door .

Coats hung on the back of the linen closet door

See: more sunglasses, a hairbrush, an abundance of extra poop bags, more masks and crystals. You know the usual.

Baskets and trash cans on the laundry shelf with entrance accessories such as masks, dog bags and sunglasses

Where our shoes usually land – you can see here we keep them casual on the porch with a big pile of flip flops.

Open the front door with plenty of space

Stool / Carpet / Chairs / Art by Part Duncan / Gold Frame / Coffee Table / Lamp / Side Table

Oh and check them out two white stools At the door? We only borrowed them in front of the upstairs TV – but at some point some storage stools could be even more functional in their place. So I keep an eye out.

Straight view of the sitting area with two checkered stools in the foreground

Stool / love seat / rug / chairs / art by part Duncan / gold frame / coffee table / lamp

This living room could definitely one day accommodate a bigger rug (ideally, at least the front legs of your chairs and love seat would be on the rug, which helps define the space) but I love that little metallic guy. It looks so pretty with the brass items in the room and is associated with the gray love seat so I think we’ll be living with that for a while.

Top view of the seating area with the wooden coffee table in the middle

Stool / love seat / rug / chairs / art by part Duncan / gold frame / coffee table / lamp

Ok as promised, here’s John for the scales (with a 9 pound Chihuahua for good measure). Fun fact: Burger loves to slide his face into that gap between the pillows.

John is sitting on a gray love seat with a Chihuahua next to him

Love seat / stool / rug / chairs / art by part Duncan / gold frame / coffee table / lamp / side table

And here we are both. I love that I can tuck my legs under me while sitting with John – and I’ve spent quite a bit of time with both of the kids piled on that love seat.

John and Sherry sit together with a Chihuahua on a gray love seat

Love seat / stool / carpet / gold frame / coffee table / side table

When I sit on my side, I can fully stretch my legs and have enough space. Sometimes Burger has just the thing for me, like I made it just for him.

Sherry's legs stretched out on the gray love seat

The fabric is a beautiful, tightly woven, warm gray tone. So far it has withstood Burger’s nails and kids and crumbs and all that stuff. I’m so mad that this thing is completely sold out at Overstock (and is only available in the darker color Here and Here) but when it’s back I’ll link it. It’s very comfortable and had tons of five-star reviews which gave me the confidence to try it out (there are almost 40 reviews, many with photos, and it has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating!).

Detail of gray fabric on love seat

So there you have it. An updated post about our little sitting area.

Side view of sitting area with plants on coffee table and hanging from kitchen shelf

Carpet / chairs / art from part Duncan / coffee table / lamp / Ikea shelving system

If we completely renovate the kitchen, we will have a few more ideas to make this zone even more functional and better planned. In the meantime, however, we’re delighted that we have hanging space, board games, and puzzles here. and have extremely spirited yarn ball throwing matches. Yes, the kids have fling for Christmas, and those stools make a pretty epic barricade to hide behind and throw someone across the room.

Side view of the seating area on the ground floor

Stool / Carpet / Chairs / Art by Part Duncan / Gold Frame / Coffee Table / Lamp / Side Table

There are tons of photos and a video to see what the kitchen side of the room looks like now in this post. You can also see every single project and update we have done on this house over the past 8 months at this point.

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