Distinctive furnishing concepts for small homes


Small houses pose particular challenges for interior design. We put our heads together and came up with these innovative ideas to make your compact home look spacious and stunning!

Work with a minimalist interior theme

Minimalist interiors are smart and contemporary and are great for the smaller home. To embrace this design theme, you have to follow the idea that “less is more”. Reduce your belongings to the bare minimum as much as possible. By removing clutter and redundant items, your small spaces will automatically appear more spacious. This means that you should opt for clear, clean lines in your interior design, without any embellishments and ornaments in any form.

Use light colors

Dark colors narrow a room and make it appear smaller. If the space you need to start with is already small, use lots of whites and pastels in your wall colors, furniture, and home furnishings. This makes your rooms appear larger than they are. By keeping your color combinations minimal, you create a sense of balance, harmony and serenity. Try working with a base color palette of white, black, and gray with pops of color in small artifacts or other objects. If that’s too boring for you, try different textures or patterns!

Unique bedroom interior design ideas

Clear surfaces and countertops

Whether it’s kitchen countertop or dining table, if the surface is messy, your little home will look very messy. Don’t leave items lying around after use – put them away immediately so your table tops look clean and tidy at all times. In the kitchen, you can try putting hooks on the wall so you can hang pans and ladles and keep your countertop free.

Interior design ideas for small homes

Keep window curtains simple

If you don’t live on the first floor and there is a chance people will keep looking in, why not try leaving your windows bare or using light curtains that are transparent and airy? The feeling of openness you get is unique and you will let fresh air and sunlight into your living spaces all day. Be sure to add window curtains in rooms where you need privacy, but try to roll them up during the day to increase the feeling of space.

Interior design ideas for small homes

Use mirrors in your facility

Mirrors increase the illusion of space and you can use them to your advantage in your living space. Having mirrors on your closet shutters can instantly add visual depth to your bedroom. Likewise, large wall-to-wall mirrors make a tiny bathroom look much larger. You can also cleverly add mirrors to your foyer or living room to make it appear more spacious than it is. Position the mirrors so that they reflect something pleasant and not something you’d like to hide!

Interior design ideas for small homes

Optimize your storage space

Storage is always an issue in a compact home. Even after sorting out your belongings, you might find that the closet and closet space you have is nowhere near enough to accommodate your belongings. Try to use every inch of the available space and create storage space if possible without your home looking too cramped!

Here are the different ways you can optimize your storage space:

  • Having a concealed storage cabinet behind a painting is a great idea to start with. Simple open shelves with black metal frames, like the one in the picture below, look elegant and don’t make the space seem closed.Interior design ideas for small homes
  • The space under the stairs is often left unused. Create bespoke drawers and shelves that take up all of your space to store shoes, tools, and other items.

Storage ideas under the stairs

  • Use space-saving accessories such as this Magic Corner in the kitchen so that even hard-to-reach corners can be fully used for storage.

Corner room solution

  • Angled storage solutions like this corner drawer are also good for getting functionality out of uncomfortable corners.

  • Create a hidden storage space under your bed where you can neatly store any bulky items that you don’t need to access often, such as extra mattresses or large suitcases.

Ideas for storage under the bed bed

  • Bring your bedroom closets from floor to ceiling by adding an attic that can be used for additional storage space. You can also add additional horizontal storage space above the bed.

Expandable furniture

A relatively new concept in interior design is expandable furniture. You use the available space optimally, no matter what lifestyle you have. In a small house, the living room can serve as a bedroom at night with a fold-out sofa bed. Alternatively, the beds can be folded up against the wall when not in use so that the floor area remains free for other activities during the day.

Stackable chairs are a good idea when you have unexpected guests. When not in use, they can be folded away or hung on the wall.

If you have friends, you can pull up the extra sheets of your folding dining table to create extra space. Your dining table can also be designed to fold up against the wall when not in use. It can even serve as an office desk at other times!explainable furniture ideas

Bunk bed

Bunk beds are a nice idea to make the most of the space in a compact bedroom. Your kids will love going to bed early when you give them a lovely room like this one below!

Bunk bed

Create a mezzanine

If your space is of sufficient height, you can create a cozy loft or mezzanine to get more use out of the available space. Use the loft as a study, storage room or library.

Mezzanine ideas

With a little ingenuity, compact homes can look cozy and very functional. We hope our tips have inspired you to create your very own magic in your home! Do you have any other small home furnishing ideas that you would like to share with our readers? Please let us know in the comments below!

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