Find out how to make your front room child-friendly


Is there such a thing as a child-friendly living room? Well, there should be. After all, children are the heart and soul of a home. Therefore, when planning a new home, it is very important to keep their requirements in mind.

Therefore we present some simple but very practical tips for the child-friendly living room:

Round tables

One of the most important things for a kid-friendly living room is to get rid of the sharp corners of your furniture. So when you finish your central table, move on to the round tables. You reduce the risk of minor accidents at home and make the living room safer for your little ones. For other pieces of furniture, look for upholstered furniture as this is suitable for children. Also, don’t try to clutter your living room with too much furniture. Keep the bare essentials but functional furniture.

Prioritize storage

Often times, when children are around, your house becomes a mess. So always look for additional storage options. And make sure the storage options are equipped with a locking mechanism; otherwise they would be useless.

Art exhibition for children

How about a separate corner for your child’s artwork? You may have noticed that a lot of people hang their family photos in the living room. You’re ready to go, frame and hang your illustrations in an elegant gold frame. This is a great idea for preserving your child’s talents, and when they see their work in the living room they might be tempted to even dust them off from time to time. Also, when planning a children’s room in the living room, make sure that you leave some space so that it can be used as a play area for your little ones.

Wooden furniture

Many homeowners ignore this and switch to marble or glass living room furniture. But wooden furniture is highly functional. Wooden furniture helps prevent spills and food accidents. It’s easy to clean and wipe, and won’t stain. The biggest advantage is that the wooden furniture, be it a sofa, a middle table or something else, does not have very sharp edges and therefore does not hurt your little one.

minimalist interior

Wallpaper selection

When choosing wallpaper for your living room, make sure that you choose it wisely. Silk wallpaper attracts dust and dirt and even leaves traces that cannot be easily removed. Silk wallpapers are difficult to clean and maintain and you need to stay away from them. If you want something kid-friendly, go for the paper wallpapers. In case you like silk wallpaper too much, use it on your ceiling.

Fabric selection

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing fabrics for your living room furniture. First, it’s not at all advisable to compromise on living room furniture just for cost reasons. When babyproofing the living room, make sure that you choose fabrics that will last for years and can be cleaned regularly and even reupholstered if necessary. Therefore it is very important to invest in high performance fabrics.

Soft seating

Soft seating such as floor seats, ottomans, low couches, ottomans, and low pillows are good choices if you have young members in the home. This type of seating is comfortable for children and they also have a relaxed look and style.

Industrial style bedroom

Say no to light colored carpets

Light-colored carpets are an absolute no-go in the living room. These colors may look pretty in the nursery, but all of these bright colors attract dust and dirt and require unnecessary extra work in the living room. So always opt for dark carpets so that your living room looks tidy and tidy at the same time. You can even use outdoor carpets for the living room. They are quite easy to clean and maintain and even dry out quickly.


Again and again you can treat yourself to a few pillow games with your little ones when there are no guests around. So let’s make it fun by adding some colorful throw pillows. These pillows add charm and a fun and colorful look to your living room.

Slim table

Slim tables are extremely handy when you have a toddler at home. Make sure you add a narrow table near your large sofa to keep drinks or food out of the child’s reach. Keep the slender table close and hidden so that it can be easily guarded at times.

Color combination for family rooms

Electronic friends

A living room without cables and control panels is not only impossible, but also impractical. But having a child at home will force you to hide those wires and switches. So why not innovate and hide those wires with a cover? Anything from a gift box to a dark cloth can do the job.

These were some of the simple tips and tricks to turn your living room into a kid-friendly living room. None of these cost a lot of money, but you can easily manage your living room with a child using these little smart decisions.

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