Hair care ideas for this Holi season


Holi, the festival of colors, is a very lively and fun affair. But while the colors used are great fun, they can destroy your hair. How do you have fun but make sure your hair is not harmed by the harsh chemicals in the colors? Just follow our hair care tips to keep your hair and breeze safe from Holi.

Seal your hair follicles with conditioner

A great way to add a protective layer to your hair, effectively seal it against the colors and keep them from penetrating your hair follicles is to apply conditioner to your hair. Instead of applying conditioner to wet hair and washing it off as you normally would, apply conditioner to your dry hair and then attend all the holidays. Not only does the conditioner protect your hair, but you also get soft hair that has been well conditioned over the hours.

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Braid your hair

If you have medium to long hair, it is a good idea to braid your hair. This way, after hours of fun and joking around, your hair won’t get too knotted and messy. Alternatively, you can also put your hair in a tight bun to protect it.

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Cover your hair with a headscarf

Cover your hair with a headscarf or scarf. This can actually go a long way in protecting your hair and preventing it from becoming saturated with the Holi colors. If you can’t get your hands on a headscarf, anything from a towel to a dupatta can be used to cover your head and minimize the damage.

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Apply coconut oil to your hair

Instead of applying conditioner, you can apply coconut oil all over your hair instead. The added benefit of doing this is that while you won’t be able to apply the conditioner to your scalp because it will make your scalp greasy and make your hair limp. However, nothing prevents you from applying coconut oil to your scalp. This not only protects your hair, but also your scalp.


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Use a cleaning shampoo

Clarifying shampoos are specifically designed to cleanse the scalp and remove impurities. This makes them an absolute must for the Holi season. If the paint residue is not completely removed, it will settle on the scalp and hair and eventually lead to hair loss, breakage and itching. So invest in a good cleansing shampoo to keep your hair and scalp squeaky clean.

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Use a hair mask

Regardless of how many precautions you take and how careful you are, your hair will still suffer, albeit to a lesser extent. So give it a boost with a deep nourishing hair mask to help it regain its shine. You can also indulge in hot oil massages and a hair spa treatment to help your hair recuperate from whatever it was through during Holi.

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Do not use heat on your hair

For a few weeks after Holi, try not to use a blow dryer or straightener or curling iron on your hair. It takes time for your hair to repair itself and restore its elasticity and texture. Using heat on your hair will only weaken / damage it further.

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Follow our tips to make sure your hair doesn’t suffer horribly from all the fun you had during Holi. All you need to do is take a few simple precautions to ensure that your hair is protected from possible damage. Now that you know everything you should be doing to protect your hair, don’t hold back. Let go and get into the spirit of Holi!

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