LORAC Professional Smooth Focus Longwear Basis assessment


My review

LORAC Pro Soft Focus Longwear Foundation

  • Long wearing even in the heat
  • Excellent coverage in one light layer
  • Feels light and weightless on the skin
  • On top of that, blush and bronze hold up very well

When I first pumped up the LORAC Pro Soft Focus Longwear Foundation, I wasn’t sure I would like it. It’s pretty thin and runny, and I usually prefer something creamier.

It also smells pretty strong. It reminds me of a transfer safe foundation I used years ago (wish I could remember which one!). The scent also reminds me a bit of the La Mer Foundation (which comes in the bottle), but more chemical.

When something works, I don’t overly mind what it smells like, so happily I went on.

I asked my partner how my skin looked about half an hour after it was applied and he basically said that it looked very flawless and perfect, more so than the other foundations I wear.

As a fan of the full coverage, even if I don’t always use the full coverage, I was pleased with this answer !! Especially since I didn’t try to build it up.

LORAC Pro Soft Focus Longwear FoundationLORAC Pro Soft Focus Longwear Foundation

I used the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Complexion Brush * to apply it. Since it was so hot in Great Britain this week, I adjusted it very easily with the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Powder *, but very minimally and only in the T-zone.

What impressed me most about this foundation is how long it lasts and how well all of my other makeup holds over it.

I wore it two very full and very hot days and it did not move at all without topping up. Not only did my skin look perfect and smooth, but my blush and bronzer looked freshly applied before bed! I used the new NARS Orgasm on the Beach Palette and it stayed all day.

I found that remarkable because I was so hot and sweaty and still looked good.

I have combination skin – an oily T-zone and more dehydrated everywhere else, and this foundation just works for me.

This is definitely one to reach for when I need my makeup to keep me under pressure, heat, and sweat!

LORAC Pro Soft Focus Longwear Foundation

I also love the super slim and slim packaging. It will be perfect for travel.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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