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Every year I share some of the things I noticed in Nordstrom’s anniversary sale, both products I loved and bought in the past and those I want to buy this year. I don’t have much in mind this year though, so for me it’s mostly old favorites / buybacks. Selling feels a little overwhelming to me, but I’d love to hear what you saw / loved!

To edit: Now that I’ve received my orders I thought I’d end up sharing what I actually bought and what I love / send back.

  • 1.STATE back twist knit top for $ 38.90 (usually $ 59) – I got this in Amber Rust which is a nice deep red-copper but I didn’t like the fit.
  • 1.STATE Surplice sleeveless top for $ 29.90 (usually $ 49) – I bought one in Black and Ruby Plume, but they were a little on the short side (I may have gotten too small so I ordered a size up and will see).
  • Caslon T-shirt with a rounded V-neck for $ 12.90 (usually $ 19) – a style I’ve bought and bought again over the years, so I bought two new colors and kept them
  • GibsonLook fleece top with V-neck for $ 29.90 (usually $ 49) – I bought one in Toasted Almond, and it has a relaxed fit without being super loose, cozy, and soft while being thinner. For me, this works because it’s perfect to wear indoors and go outside for a few minutes (to take Winnie with you) even though it’s over 100 degrees outside. I liked this one so much that I bought another one in gray.
  • True Body Triangle Bralette with adjustable straps for $ 28.90 (usually $ 44) – picked up a shade of beige and pink and kept (got these in different colors)
  • True body bralette with V-neck for $ 31.90 (usually $ 49) – picked up a beige and pink shade, kept (have these in different colors)
  • UGG Whistler Throw Blanket for $ 64.90 (usually $ 98) – I ended up getting two, one in Brown Mustard, the most beautiful, cozy fall color, and Quartz. Love this so much!

Recommendations: clothes

  • BP Comfortable top for $ 24.90 (usually $ 39) – if you’re looking for moderate warmth and soft, plush comfort, these tops are really comfy. There are coordinators jogger for $ 24.90 (usually $ 39) and Shorts for $ 15.90 (usually $ 29).
  • Caslon T-shirt with a rounded V-neck for $ 12.90 (usually $ 19) – will pick up a few more colors for the fall season
  • Natori Bliss Perfection Bra for $ 44.90 (usually $ 68) – if I wear hangers this is the one! I’ve had enough and the pandemic made me hug bralettes haha!
  • Nordstrom moonlight pajamas for $ 42.90 (usually $ 65) – I have enough sets myself, but I keep giving these away (my mom and sister love them) (the shorts set, $ 29.90, regularly $ 49 US dollars, is great too)
  • True Body Triangle Bralette with adjustable straps for $ 28.90 (usually $ 44) – I got this in black (is the size), I will probably get one in a lighter shade
  • True body bralette with V-neck for $ 31.90 (usually $ 49) – I find these really comfy with above average support for a bralette so I’ll definitely get another one, possibly two.
  • Wit & wisdom jeans – I recently bought a pair so I guess I won’t be buying any this sale season, but these are my favorite jeans and have been for a while.

Recommendations: at home

  • Nordstrom Hydrocotton bath towels for $ 19.90 (usually $ 29) – that’s all the towels we have in the house! They’re plush, medium weight, hold their softness pretty well, and dry well.
  • UGG Coastline throw blanket for $ 64.90 (usually $ 98) – I have three or four of these and gave away half a dozen of them. Everyone loves! They are thicker than the Whistler and have a more bilateral feel to them.
  • UGG Whistler throw blanket for $ 64.90 (usually $ 98) – I have a couple of these too, and they’re a bit lighter but still soft and cozy. I’ll pick one or two up and then maybe give a few away for Christmas.


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